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Lost Lands Episodes 1 - 3 1.11

Mazaro on Dec 6th 2014


Lost Lands is a 25 level conversion I created entirely myself.
I started working on it when I was roughly 12 years old and I now consider it finished and in reasonably playable shape now that I am 25, 13 years later. As you progress through the game, you can see my mapmaking grow gradually more complex, and the way I grew pre-occupied with experimental and surreal mapbuilding techniques.

The official soundtrack is available here -



Notes for version 1.11:

This version is an overhaul of the shapes file, replacing many embarrassing pixelated textures with more thematic, color coded and polished looking artwork.

I've also included the "Previous AI" plugin with the install to avoid issues with monsters failing to activate.

866 downloads, 3 reviews, 8 screenshots, 2.7 rating

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

This is badass Dave's Epic Adventure

Mazaro on May 24th 2015, Version 1.0

The physics are a perfect blend of the original Pathways physics with a little more of the fluid movement and agility of Marathon, making combat a lot more fun than it could be in Pathways, which felt sluggish. This allows the player to kill a lot more enemies, allowing the battles to be much larger.

The artwork, too, has been subtly shifted to the Marathon color palette in a way I appreciate.

The levels perfectly capture the Pathways structure and vibe.

I really liked this, great for its simplicity. I'm of half of a mind to create a bunch of Pathways style levels with this physics model.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Significant bug - Marathon Aeon

Mazaro on Jan 15th 2015, Version 1.10

the "Asphodel Meadows" level crashes the game on load for me, giving the following error -

/Users/ghs/aleph/trunk/PBProjects/../SourceFiles/GameWorld/mapconstructors.cpp:1132: Assertion failed: MapIndexList.size()

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Fantastic! Vasara

Mazaro on Dec 6th 2014, Version 1.0.1

This intuitive plugin is almost BETTER than Forge Visual Mode. I really appreciate that the player stops falling if they are in the middle of aligning a texture!

I'm using this to build a new TC and it is a pleasure, possibly the least buggy of the entire suite of tools.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

I dig Henselers Hell

Mazaro on Nov 15th 2014, Version 02

I really like the old school, 'tricks and traps' mischievious feel of this map, and how you put so much effort into a single level, there's so much detail! 5 stars for architecture.

Some of the texture alignment jobs are a little weird but overall the map has a great atmosphere and continually rewards careful searching for new areas and secrets. The carnage level is perfect.

As the other reviewer said, the terminal picts are missing. This is a familiar problem to me; evidently you moved the map file to a computer with another kind of file system in which the resource fork of the file was not recognized, and it was automatically deleted from the file.

I like the idea behind the final puzzle, but I couldn't solve it. I wandered the map for 45+ minutes looking for a switch to lower that window gate. This part wasn't as fun. So, I wasn't able to complete the map, but I got through what seems like 95% of it, and I'm glad I played it.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Great level design, tiresome combat (seconded) Marathon Phoenix

Mazaro on Oct 30th 2014, Version 1.2.1

I grow weary of levels which the creators have made 'hard' just by souping up the enemy's abilities until they do absurd amounts of damage, and constantly ambushing the player with enemies teleporting in from random locations.

The architecture is absolutely gorgeous but I think this scenario is likely impossible on total carnage. This one I'd actually enjoy more on a difficult lower than normal, and I usually play on Major Damage.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Wow! Blauwe Vingers - English

Mazaro on Oct 30th 2014, Version 1.2 English

I can't believe what is possible with the Marathon engine.

This plays like a good quality RPG and gives me a feeling I haven't had in years. Amazing artwork, storyline and new battle physics. Very interesting with so many melee weapons!

It could be longer but I understand the insane amount of detail required in the part that is here.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

One of the best conversions ever made Xmas 3: Starship

Mazaro on Oct 27th 2014, Version unburied.0

The creators of this understated it by calling it "Xmas 3", it's an amazingly complete, playable and fun conversion with incredible art, great level design and attention to detail. Everyone should download this.

Any chance of finding the first 2 in the series?

Or "Apotheosis" for that matter, it seems to have disappeared from the internet.